Excursions and Camps



The purpose of a school excursion at Sacred Heart is to broaden the parameters within which the children learn. Excursions can bring a unit of work to life, provide a real world example of the content cover in the classroom, or provide a culminating activity for the unit of work covered.
Essentially, all our excursions have a curriculum basis.
On occasions a group of students will undertake a school excursion to represent the school in one way or another. This may vary from our Choirs performing, to a sporting team representing the school in a carnival, or a class representing the school at another activity (e.g. Our Year 6 class annually attend the Student ANZAC Day ceremony in Brisbane City just prior to ANZAC Day). We feel it is important to have representation in activities outside the school context and to have representation within the wider community.


Our Year 5 &  6 classes undertake camps each year as part of our Student Leadership Program.
Year 5 experience an 'outdoor education' type program where the focus is "Extending your boundaries; Reaching out to others; For God . Others . Self". This camp is of 2 nights / three 3 days duration.
Year 6  undertake a trip to the nation's capital, Canberra in June each year. We visit a multitude of educational venues in Canberra (sample program) with a focus on consolidating our work on responsible government. This trip is of 5 days / 4 nights duration.