Student Learning Goals

At Sacred Heart we have been working on setting learning goals. Learning goals empower students in their own learning by helping them to know explicitly what they are learning, how they know they are progressing, what to do if they get stuck and who to ask for help and most importantly - where to next! Learning goals help our teacher provide specific and explicit feedback to our students to help them move forward in their learning.

As part of our Mathematics journey we have been focusing on our learning goals in Mathematics in particular. We would like to invite our Sacred Heart families to our Open Classroom week in Week 9 to share these with you. Most classrooms will be open on Friday the 24th of March from 8am-8:25am and teachers will be choosing another day/time that suits them. Please check with your child's teacher to find out when their open classroom day is so you can come in and see your child's learning goals.

We also encourage you to talk to your child about their learning goals and consider setting a goal with them yourself. It doesn't need to be focused on school work. It could be a goal to have their bag packed in the morning or remember to brush their teeth themselves. The goal just needs to be specific and achievable. You need to talk to your child about what steps they need to take to be successful, how they will know when they have achieved their goal or how they are going with it and what will come next. Remember to celebrate with your student when they progress and achieve their goal.‚Äč

For example: Goal - packing their own bag 3 days out of 5

  • Discuss what packing your own bag look like? What do you need to include? Why is this important or helpful
  • How will you know you've packed your bag well? It might involve checklist or asking someone to check once they've had a try - this coud be an older sibling or someone else in the house.
  • What do they do if they can't remember what needs to go in?
  • How will you record the number of times you've been successful? This could be a sticker chart or a tally chart on the fridge
  • What comes next after they have achieved this goal? 5 times a week or helping a sibling pack their bag?

You can see some examples of students talking about their learning goals here v=4sqUGiG9pmY