School Fees

 2018 School Fees.pdf

Many factors are considered in setting the fees and levies for the school including expenditure from previous years, realistic expenditure for the future, areas in need of maintenance and renewal throughout the school property and our on-going building program.

 Brisbane Catholic Education meets the cost of all Teacher, Teacher Aides & Secretarial salaries within the Schedule of Staffing (Schools pay for staffing allocations over and above this schedule), and also provides services, programs & resources for schools. The sources of their funding are Commonwealth & State funding supplemented by a levy on each systemic school (Archdiocesan Education Levy) based on the number of school families.
 Our school fee schedule includes all ‘extras’ in the fee schedule to assist families with their budgeting requirements.

School Fees & Levies for 2018

  ASchool fees (including Archdiocesan Education levy)
  • 1 child                                    $ 1,280 per year

  • 2 children                              $ 1,730 per year

  • 3 children                              $ 2,110 per year

  • 4 children                              $ 2,360 per year


 B)  Levies (Paid on a ‘per child’ basis)

 Levies for 2018 include:
  i)         Prep - Year 6 levy is $600 per year (or $150 per term)

            Levies cover: 

  • Co-Curricula Sports Levy includes the costs associated with your child’s involvement in:  
  •  Swimming lessons; Zone 6 weekly sports / Sporty Shortys; Gymnastics; Dance 
  • Excursions and Visiting shows (eg. Arts Council)   
  •  I.T Levy - Computer Equipment and maintenance     
  • Active Learning – Consumables & Equipment                    

Camps and additional sporting activities are an added cost.

Year 4 - 6 students also pay for the lease of their 1:1 laptop.

 C)   P & F Levy:

Our Parents & Friends Association levies each family a payment of $100 per year to alleviate the need for on-going minor fundraising throughout the year (eg Chocolate drives etc). Major fundraising activities may still be held as feature items throughout the year.

 D) Capital Levy:

This levy is payable by each family per term. The levy (formerly known as the Building Fund Levy) is used to:

a)       maintain our existing facility;

b)       repay loans relating to our program of capital works undertaken to date; and

c)       allow for the finalisation of our capital works program.

The Capital Levy for 2018 is $565.

Voluntary Levies

We also have two voluntary levies. The first is the Library Fund Levy which is a tax deductible levy, with the monies accumulatedto be used for any projectin relation to the Library and its resources. 

The second is the F.A.I.T.H Levy (standing for 'Families Acting In Times of Hardship'). The funds accumulated from this levy will be used at the discretion of the School Board to further pastoral works within our own community & to support our families in their 'hour of need' in relation to educational expenses.  This fund works alongside our 'Meals from the Heart' initiative, with the School Board as the mechanism for distribution of these monies. All deliberations of the School Board are confidential & we can then guarantee the anonymity of the recipients of this fund.  This levy is not tax deductible.

Early-Bird Discount:

A discount of $50 applies if the full yearly amount of Fees and Levies is paid prior to the due date of Term 1 accounts.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment of school fees. This method offers families the opportunity to spread the payment of their fees fortnightly or monthly over a ten month period starting in February and ending in November. It also allows for a constant flow of income into our school. To access this form of payment please click here Direct Debit Request (DDR) Form.

Cheque, cash or EFTPOS payments are also acceptable.

In our endeavour to keep fees and levies as reasonable as possible, we rely on the wholehearted support of each family in paying your fees promptly upon receipt of your account, by the due date indicated on your statement. Should you find yourself unable to pay School fees by the due date please contact the School Principal to confidentially discuss how the school can assist you. 

In conclusion I wish to acknowledge your financial support of the school in 2018. It is my intention, as it has always been, that we keep the amount payable by parents as low as possible whilst providing quality educational opportunities and facilities for your children.

Yours faithfully,


Julian Cotter

Acting Principal