Our History

​​​​​​​The History of Sacred Heart School, Sandgate 

Sacred Heart School, Sandgate was established by the Sisters of Mercy in January 1893.  Sister Mary Borgia was the Founding Principal of Sacred Heart School, Sandgate and since then has been followed by many dedicated staff members who have contributed to the spiritual, academic, cultural, physical and social development of the students in Sandgate.  We acknowledge their achievements and standards, and continue to uphold and build upon this foundation. 

Soon after 1893, the school became a boarding school as well, catering for students who by necessity had to live away from their homes to attend secondary school.  The following advertisement, in the local press of circa 1915, reads:-

Sacred Heart Convent Sandgate
Boarding and Day School conducted by the Sisters of Mercy.
Pupils prepared for Scholarship, Teachers,
and Commercial Examinations.
Music – Piano – Violin - Practical and Theoretical
An ideal Boarding School for Young Ladies
Further information from Sister Superior 


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Buildings were added in 1919, 1934 ,1964 and 2008. Refurbishments commenced in 1998 with the conversion of the first church (1882) into an Administration Centre, the former secondary science lab into a staff room, the addition of the disabled toilet and refurbishment of the former staff room into a classroom. In 2010, a major refurbishment occured in all schools due to an increase in Government funding.  At this time we refurbished our playground, relocated our library, built Donna Philps Place and created our Arts Centre.  We also named our buildings to honour our past;
Rutherford Building - in recognition of our longest serving staff member - Mrs Dell Rutherford
Mercy Building -  to honour the Sisters of Mercy religious order who began Sacred Heart School
Stratford Building  - in recognition of long-serving Parish Priest, Fr Pat Stratford
MacKillop Building - to honour our first Australian Saint - Saint Mary of the Cross (MacKillop)
Most classrooms have been refurbished as part of the Master Plan.
The school ceased to be a secondary school during 1980 with the opening of  St. John Fisher at Bracken Ridge. The Sisters of Mercy continued to staff the school until 1995 when the Principal, Sr. Mary O’Donoghue RSM retired. The first lay Principal of Sacred Heart School Sandgate was Ms Glenda Honan in 1996 until 2002, followed by Mrs Carmel Flynn (2003 - 2007),  Mr Chris Bathersby (2008 - 2017),  Mr Julian Cotter (2018-2020), Mrs Joanne Kimmins (2021-2022).  The current Principal is Mrs Sarah McDonald (2023 - to current)
Throughout our history, Sacred Heart School, Sandgate has maintained a commitment towards valuing each student as a unique individual and it is this philosophy that has created the spirit that is evident within the school. Sacred Heart School, Sandgate is proud to continue this tradition in the third millennium.