Our Catholic Identity



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At Sacred Heart, a Catholic view about Learning and Teaching is reflected in both dimensions of Religious Education, namely, the classroom teaching and learning of Religion and the Religious life of the school. 


Religion Curriculum

The Religious Curriculum P-12, Archdiocese of Brisbane, is taught at Sacred Heart.  Through various strategies and resources, students engage with the curriculum, making meaning in their time and place and connecting the Gospel of Jesus to their lives.

Catholic schools have extra time allocated for the teaching of Religion. This is 2.5 hours per week in addition to the time allocated to other learning areas, which is similar to government schools.   Read more >


Religious Life of the School

The religious life of Sacred Heart teaches students how to be religious in a Catholic Christian tradition.  Students are exposed to how Christians live their faith through participation in daily class prayer, class and school liturgies and Mass.  The School's Religious Life is evident in our School Vision, Mission, Motto, School Prayer and Acknowledgement of Country and the way we interact with others. Our social justice and formation programs are also critical to the Religious Life of the School.  Read more >​


Religious Life of the School Components and Elements

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