Religious Life of the School

​​​​Students at Sacred Heart are engaged in the Religious Life of the School through daily class prayer, prayer when we gather for assembly or meet and greet, class and whole school liturgies and masses.  Through social justice and formation activities, students learn the value of the Gospel of Jesus in their everyday lives.  The power of Christian meditation and prayer to support us through struggles and triumphs is part of the students' lived experience at the school.  School Masses such as Sacred Heart Feast Day and Ash Wednesday support significant events on the church calendar. 

Our links with the Sandgate Brighton Parish strengthen our students' faith formation through One in Christ Masses and visits from our Parish priest, Father Joseph and Archbishop Mark Coleridge.

Student Voice from the 2023 Tell Them From Me survey

  • "I love that we are a school of faith, making life easier and ensuring our curriculum is perfect and educational in every way."
  • “Most of our students in our school live up to the school Motto, "For Gods, Others, Self".
  • “I like my teacher and the whole community of our school. I like how we learn about catholic traditions, which helps me be a better learner. My teacher helps me to strive to learn in every way I can.

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Student classroom learning about God's creation was linked to Clean Up Australia Day and a year-level liturgy about Creation.


Important days of celebration, such as Harmony Day, are acknowledged through classroom learning and community liturgies.

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Our Feast Day Mass is celebrated in the Sacred Heart Church, and parishioners are invited to share morning tea following the service.​

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