Sport as played in schools in its various forms (casual, interhouse, interschool, representative), is seen as only one component of our student’s physical education. The children’s participation in sporting activities promotes the development of good sporting behaviours reflecting self-control, co-operation, loyalty, respect, and justice.

Sporting Opportunities

Competitive Carnivals

Competitive carnivals range from inter-house, to Zone, District, Regional and State level and are held in the areas of swimming, athletics and cross country.

Zone 6 Sports

The essence of Zone carnivals is the representation of the school as compared to the representation of the individual.

Inter-house Carnivals

We place a great emphasis on our inter-house carnivals and strongly promote inclusiveness. Activities are designed and events modified to ensure maximum student participation, child enjoyment and community celebration. Our three student houses are:

  • McAuley (Blue) – named after Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy who began Sacred Heart School.

  • Connolly (Red) – named after  Fr Connolly, our first Parish Priest 

  • Gaffney (Green) – named after Mrs Gaffney, a long-serving Staff member.

District, Regional & State Carnivals

These carnivals are targeted at the individual performances of children.  Minimum qualifying times and standards are set which dictate that only accomplished athletes may participate.

Zone 6 Sports

The major focus of these days is:

  • learning through sporting activity, and

  • social rather than competitive interaction.