School Uniforms

​The School Locker


All Sacred Heart uniforms are supplied out of The School Locker. The store is located at North Lakes and is a one stop shop for all things school related.  The store is located at  shop 4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes and is open 7 days a week. 

Uniforms and school accessories can be purchased in-store, over the phone or online. Visit to begin your purchasing process. ​ 


Uniform Requirements

It is the school expectation that all children wear the proper school uniform as per the list below and abide by the school’s standard of appearance. 

 Dress Standard:
  • Hats – We have the rule: NO HAT, NO PLAY! Children are expected to wear the official school hat (broadbrim or bucket hat) at all times when outdoors.  If children do not have a hat they will be asked to sit on the deck during play time.  Please ensure your child's name is printed clearly inside the hat so if lost it can be returned promptly.
  • Hair - Children are not permitted to have extreme hairstyles (eg. No shorter than a No. 2, no tracks, no colours that are not natural ie. natural looking red, brown black, blonde etc.)

    Students with shoulder-length hair or longer are required to have it tied up.

    'Rat Tails' coloured tips, extensions, additions etc are to be reserved for holiday periods and are not permitted at school.

    Any child with a hair style which does not meet this standard will be asked to remedy it

  • Nail Polish – Not permitted.
  • Jewellery - The selective range of jewellery that children may choose to wear is limited to: single set of studs or sleeper earrings, a watch, and a religious symbol on a chain worn around the neck. Genuine Signet rings are permitted. All other jewellery is to be kept for home wear.
  • Shoes - Normally, we recommend that children wear black leather shoes with the dress uniform and plain black joggers with the sports uniform. However bearing in mind uniform costs, parents may prefer the option to buy just one quality pair of plain black joggers.
  • Jumpers/Jackets - We have two approved options for cold weather, a fleecy jacket and a track jacket,  Maroon and grey non-branded jumpers can be used for short periods of time if a note is supplied.
  • Trackpants/Tights - Students may wear the offical school track pants or grey tights under their uniform.

It is the school expectation that parents will write a letter to the teacher if their child is "out of uniform" e g: white shoes, red cardigan etc for a short period of time.

We recommend that all clothing be marked so it can easily be returned to you if it becomes lost.

Uniform Specifications:

The uniform, which is available from The School Locker, North Lakes for Prep to Year 6 is as follows;

​Preps wear the Sports Uniform only however the formal uniform is available if they would prefer to wear it.

Formal Uniform Unisex grey shirt with shorts or skort, School dress

Winter Options Grey stockings
Maroon school trackshuit jacket or full School tracksuit
Grey fleecy school winter jacket with maroon trim

Shoes Black leather shoes or all black joggers.  Dark sandals may be worn in hot weather in Terms 1 and 4.

Sports Uniform School sport polo shirt
Sports shorts
Maroon bike pants (optional - to be worn when needed for sporting activities and not as every-day uniform wear)

Hats Maroon school bucket hat with school emblem

Socks Short white socksScrunchie/Hair ribbons/clips - Maroon, Maroon & white checked, white or ‘tortoise shell’ in colour

Hair Ties

Sports Carnival Days
Scrunchie/hair ribbons/clips - maroon, maroon & white checked, grey
Collared polo shirts of sports house colour