Sacred Heart Classrooms - exciting places to be

These past few weeks I have been very busy introducing new families to our Sacred Heart community who are looking for a school for their Prep students for 2025. Walking families through our beautiful school, through our classrooms and talking with our staff and students is my favourite part of being Principal at Sacred Heart. It gives me the opportunity to see the learning in our early years classes at multiple times during the day, seeing the varied ways our staff support our learners on their learning journey, the way they support their wholistic experience of education from the sensory support, academic extension and additional learning support.

I have particularly enjoyed asking our students about what they are learning in class and listening to the explicit understanding they have, especially in Mathematics. Recently in Year 1/2S I was able to be part of one of their challenging math task lessons and I was very impressed by the creative thinking, problem solving and explicit understanding of number and place value. In 4/5 recently I was able to see students looking at ways to present arrays and their thinking about multiplication. Their use of technology to support learners in different phases of learning was very impressive. Our classrooms are exciting places to be and I hope you have been able to see some of this learning at our recent open classroom times and parent teacher interviews.


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